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...some of the mistakes I've made.

If you ever find yourself talking with

a so called marketing consultant (or company) who either doesn't have tales of business mistakes they

have made themselves...or claim they don't have "useful" mistakes

to discuss with you as "cautionary tales" run the other way as fast as you can!


You want the truth from a seasoned Marketing Specialist who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to tell you...


“…not just what you want to hear…but who will tell you what you need to hear.”  


As well as: “…what they can do to help you to solve your problems and challenges. In the most affordable, successful, and easiest fashion."


                      -Bruce Brown





We Are The Most Affordable For Your Needs



We Have The Easiest Methods For You To Use & Implement



With Proven Successes!



Here Is A Little More About Me...So You Can Think About
How I May Be Able To Help You And Your Business !

I am just like you. I had a dream for a business and just HAD to do it! My first business was a very small mail-order book publishing company. On a $250.00 investment I created a report on how someone could improve their credit and get a credit card with no credit check. It started as just twelve pages, and finally became a book that eventually sold over 85,000 copies. I grossed over $700,000 and bought my first house in Los Angeles. I wound up with two full time employees and four part-timers.


By the way I have four published non-fiction how-to books. I have been published by Doubleday and also self-published. I used to also teach a class on how to get your book, report, article or poetry published. So If you are a writer or want to be I am a publishing/author consultant too and can help you to get your book published and then in addition can help you to take your book to market. I can also show you how to use a simple book or report to promote your business. Be sure to ask me about this.


I have spent plenty of money (tens of thousands of dollars) taking courses, seminars, and going to conventions to learn everything I could about sales, marketing, promotion, copy-writing, advertising, publicity, and mail-order from some of the best marketers, sales professionals, and advertising copy-writers in the world. They have included Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, Mail-Order, On-line, and Off-line (also known as: Brick and Mortar), and so much more. I'm even a graduate of the Dale Carnage “Sales Advantage” Course. I used all of what I learned for my own businesses, and now I use my knowledge to help my clients.


My second successful business was started with a $2,000 investment. Along with a partner we traced missing heirs and recovered lost money and cash assets for our clients who included: Carnation company, Salvation Army, the FBI, and hundreds of others finding and recovering over $50,000,000 for our clients on a commission only basis. That company wound up with over fourteen employees.


I have also helped people to take their products to market. I have also advised many inventors over the years on how to make money with their invention, and when to pass.

Oh, and there have been plenty of mistakes too. I will tell you some of those stories when we talk. Just know that whatever is going on in your business, I have either experienced it, observed it, made the same mistake, or studied it. And if I can’t help you…I will introduce you to someone who can.


I do not charge for a first phone call and conversation. I also am a “quick study” since I ask good questions and can tell you a lot fairly quickly about what might work for you.


And having clients are all over the world. I have worked with clients in Australia, Texas, Hawaii, California, and guess what…I have never met many of them face to face as of this writing. Yet I have still delivered to them quality service and help. I can do the same with you using phone, email, cell phone texting, Skype, fax, and regular mail. It all works. Of course I will generally meet a client who is local or for additional travel costs and such. However, most clients are served very well, happily and successfully using the alternative methods previously mentioned. Whether your business sells business to business or to the consumer you may realize have now come to the right place.


So just picture what I could do for you. Pick up the phone right now (whatever the time) and call me wherever you are. If I can't answer just leave a message and I will get back to you. Your can also text and email me. Let’s talk about what your business challenges are and how fast they might be on their way to being solved with my help and attention. I look forward to speaking with you today.




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