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As you may understand being a Marketing Specialist is an interesting profession. Can you imagine talking to someone who loves speaking to people about their business? Or people who want to start their business? You are the “dreamers” just like me. Whatever your type of personality you want to live your own personal dream of a successful business. It could be to work from home part-time or maybe your desire is to have the best and most successful tire shop in town. Or the most successful internet business you can imagine. And anything in between…whatever your worthwhile idea or venture I want to hear about it!


When I talk to people who need and want my help  they often know exactly

what they want and need from me...and they are right! Other times they start to realize they need me for something different...and they are still right! Sometimes business owners wind up using me for a number of helpful and needed services they never expected...but these still paid off for them.


I am proud to say my clients have told me over the years I was truthful with them and usually found a way to work within their budget. As you may understand, my first conversation with you is totally Free.


So take a look here and see if you don’t start to get excited about what I can do for you now. But realize that what is listed here is just a small sampling of my services and how I can help you today.  


As my Dad used to say, "...all questions are good questions…" and I agree. So after you review some of my services let’s talk about you. Sending me an email and/or having a beginning phone conversation is always Free. I look forward to hearing from you today.

                                                                          SERVICE 1-Guerilla Marketing




As explained in Wikipedia,


“…the concept of guerrilla marketing was invented as

an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather

than a big marketing budget.



Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected

and unconventional, potentially interactive, and consumers (customers) are targeted…






I like to tell people that the : “…creative use of guerrilla marketing gives you basically a dollars worth of promotion and marketing…for a dimes worth of cost…”  -Bruce Brown



I have NEVER seen any business that could not make more money with the correct use of guerrilla marketing ideas. Whether it is a large company like Starbucks, or a one person part time business. Whatever a clients just works. This style of marketing is where we usually start. And did you know you can have a website similar to this one for as little as $400 and also get someone else do all of the work. Yes, be sure to ask me about “guerrilla marketing.”

SERVICE 2-Advertising Print Ads, Radio, and Television


After “Guerrilla Marketing,” if the budget allows advertising can be an excellent investment. Whether it is direct response advertising, ads classified, on-line, print, radio, TV, and more. You can promote, a sale, move unsalable merchandise, make special offers, tell customers (or clients) that your business exists and what you can do for them, and so much more! Most advertising is wasted.


But when you choose the right media and have the right promotion and offer...basically your advertising is “Free.” Meaning it pays for itself in more sales and extra profits. With new customers, and returning one's…well you get the idea. Same thing goes for marketing. The “cost” should be “zero” because with the correct direction you made more profit than the investment you made. I can also show you how to promote and “advertise” to clients and customers using email…even if you DO NOT have a website. Ask me about this.

SERVICE 3-​Publicity and Media Coverage


What is different about your business? What kind of publicity hook could you come up with? Why not write a booklet or book about what you know. Example: “Read This Before You Hire An Accountant,” “How To Save Money When You Buy Tires?” “What To Know Before You Buy A Used Truck,” for a start. Can’t write…I can show you how to do it. Or find you someone. Then you can get on radio, perhaps TV, and in print, as an “expert” giving away your free booklet or report. As you drive new customers and clients into your business handing you money. And again this type of promotion should cost you almost “zero” money since whatever you invest in this type of promotion should more than be off-set by the new business and even return business generated.

SERVICE 4-​Sales Training


Everyone in any business is in sales.


If you “hate” sales you can learn how to be low key about it. Same goes for your staff. A little correct sales training can offer huge payoffs.


Remember, you and EVERYONE in your business is in sales and you can all learn how to enjoy it.


Something as simple as understanding how to "upsell" with a simple phrase such as the famous:


“…would you like fries with that…”


can make you thousands of extra dollars each year.


I can show you and any staff you may have how to sell more “without selling.” This can start paying off almost immediately and make going to work much more fun too!



Plus We Can Offer You:


  • Direct Response Copy-Writing for All Forms of Ads, Websites, Sales-letters, Brochures & More

  • Promotion & Websites

  • ​Publicity and Media Coverage

  • Personnel Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • ​Branding

  • Business Coaching

  • ​Media Training

  • Business to Business

  • Security and Loss Prevention

  • Product Development

  • Will Take Your Product  or Invention

    To Market

  • Fundraiser Brainstorming

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Plus, Many Other Services -Just Ask


  • Remember my first conversation or contact with you is Free...when I will discuss with you...what you think you need, what is possible, what might be best for you and your business, your budget, and more.







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